Terms & Conditions

The conditions for the room rental is an agreement between you and the hotel. If no special agreement has been made, the rules below will apply. To book a room at Stay Xtra Hotel you must be at least 18 years.

Booking and confirmation
Your reservation is binding only when it has been confirmed and you have received a confirmation number. When ordering, you are required to provide your name, email address, arrival and departure, and method of payment. Confirmation may be made orally, in writing or via email.

Different rules for different prices, view detailed price information.

Access to Rooms
The rooms are at your disposal at the earliest, from 14.00 on day of arrival until 12.00 on departure day.

Check In : 14.00 – 20.00 ( Kindly contact us for early or late check in ).

Cancellation and no-show
Cancellation policy will vary depending on the price range you booked, please read the detailed price description carefully in connection with your booking. Possibility of cancellation is determined as of the price you have selected at time of booking. If pricing conditions permit cancellation shall be done as below. Exceptions apply if another arrangement has been made at time of booking. If the hotel had special charges incurred in respect of your order, you are required to pay them.
• 1-6 nights: canceled free of charge, at the latest before. 16:00 the day before arrival.
If canceled later or earlier departure will be charged 1 night.
• 7-28 nights: cancelled free of charge no later than 4 days before arrival.
If cancelled later or earlier departure will be charged 3 nights.
(For those with business contracts, different policies apply, please read carefully your confirmation, please contact us or contract manager in your organization)

Early departure and stay indefinitely
Have you booked for a fixed period of time but depart earlier, it may result in price adjustments on spent nights and nights until the new time of departure. Please contact the hotel for details.

The hotel’s obligations and your own preferences
If the hotel can not give you the room you booked, you have the right, without additional cost to get an equivalent or superior apartment at the hotel, or at a hotel of equivalent standard. Specify your requirements when you order, so you are assured that the property is properly equipped. All StayXtra rooms are non-smoking. Upon violation of the smoking ban, the hotel has the right to charge you the costs. Pets are not allowed.

Payment is due at check-in hotel. Read the price terms. StayXtra receives the common credit cards. The hotel is not obliged to accept credit cards, checks, coupons or foreign currency unless the hotel has offered to do so.

Storage of valuables and luggage
Do not leave luggage unattended in public areas within the hotel. The hotel can store your luggage in a locked trunk. We offer storage with the service, but never take responsibility for the submitted. The hotel has no obligation to keep property that is of high value. The hotel has no strict liability for the property you keep in your room.

Your Safety
For security reasons, we only allow employees and checked in guests to reside freely in the rooms, or other reserved areas. Always know where the emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. Look for details in the information on the inside of the room door.

StayXtra Hotel Complaints Policy
Stay Xtra Hotel operates according to the guidelines VISITA, Swedish Hospitality industry, set up existing hotel accommodation in Sweden.
The hotel has no strict liability for the property you keep in your room. However, should it turn out that the hotel or the hotel staff acted recklessly or negligently or otherwise, the liability of the lost or damaged property, the hotel is responsible for the lost / damaged property.
Stay Xtra Hotel has a relevant liability insurance on the basis of their business. In cases where the claim is directed against Stay Xtra Hotel, these will be forwarded to the relevant insurer which will investigate whether there was any negligence.
In case of a loss incurred or damage  Stay Xtra Hotel recommends their guests for the first instance to notify their insurance company, via travel, home – or service insurance. Stay Xtra Hotel encourage their guests to have adequate insurance for themselves and their belongings.

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